Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Star Wars War!

For Christmas this year I made the boys another game, Star Wars War! They have a war card game but it is between cats and dogs, LAME! So I thought I would make them one that was a little more along the lines of what they like.

Again I don't have licensing rights to Star Wars so this will just be a game for my kids. Not for resale. :)

The deck is divided into 4 different factions, two good and two evil. It plays 2-4 players. Regular war rules apply when playing two player. In a 3 - 4 player game players take turns attacking another player using common War rules. Both players flip over a card, high card wins. In the event of a tie players play 3 additional cards face down next to the already played card then flip one more face up. Again high card wins.

The four suits include the Empire, Rebel, Separatist, and Republic factions. 

I had some extra paper space in printing so I made a small poster and bookmark.

For this project I sketched the images by hand, traced over them in ink, then scanned them into the computer. Once in the computer I cleaned up the line work in Gimp and imported it into Inkscape where I converted the image into a png file. I then re-opened the files in Gimp to add the colors, then back over to Inkscape for the final layouts.

I printed in 12 x 18 sheets  (18 cards per sheet) and found a nice tuck box template to use for the final packaging. Alphagraphics did a great job with the printing.

Here are some of my favorite cards:

Stay tuned as I plan on releasing another game this year. Yes one that you can actually purchase. :)


  1. Hi,
    I think you make a good creative job with the pictures!! I have two kids always thinking on Star Wars and I suppose your game can be fine for them. But I can't imagine the rules or the "way to play" with your cards. Can you, please, explain a little?

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