Steam Race

This post is long overdue. I made Steam Race for my kids - Christmas 2011. It plays 2-4 players and takes 30-40 min.

In Steam Race players work to be the first player to build their tracks from their starting station to their finishing station. Sounds easy? Well don't forget the cow on the tracks, the giant blob, the train eating robot, and the other players trying to beat you.

I made this game from a used board game and put sticker paper over the top. The box is also used (I think it was a princess game). I bought wood 1" x 1" tiles and overlaid them with sticker paper to make the track pieces. Throw in a six sided dice and trains from the Mexican Train game and this puppy was complete.

I am now deciding if I will pursue publishing this game in mass. There needs to be a few rule tweaks before that happens.

The yellow player is just about to win, except for the fact that a train eating robot has been placed in his way. Will a superhero come and rescue him?

The red train below has to use dynamite to blow up the blue player's track so they can go through. Meanwhile the blue player uses a Super Hero to eliminate the giant blob blocking the track.

Green plays a +3 speed booster tile to move ahead.
Thanks for checking out Steam Race. Check back soon to see what is next!
Steam Race Steam Race Reviewed by Dane Trimble on 8:53 PM Rating: 5


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