Coming Soon!
  • Designer - Dane Trimble
  • Artwork - Marco Morte
  • Ages - 8 and up
  • Players - 2 to 4
  • Time - 45 min

A press your luck dice rolling area control game themed around city building.

Players take turns rolling Permit Dice in attempt to get matching permit colors in order to place a one of their buildings on to the city board. Players press their luck by rolling more Permit Dice in efforts to get bigger buildings and to score more points but watch out for the Stop Work Orders or you might not be able to build anything on your turn.

Players earn points as their buildings get placed each turn and bonus points at the end of the game for Block Monopolies, Zone Mastery, and most buildings adjacent to each other. The player with the most points wins.



This game is re-scheduled to come out in 2016, stay tuned!!!

See designer's blog for more information.

Dicetropolis Dicetropolis Reviewed by Dane Trimble on 7:19 PM Rating: 5